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Regulatory compliance requirements are always being updated and changed. To be able to introduce new products to this demanding market you need a service organization to get the job done fast and cost effectively. A group of experienced EMC engineers decided to put together a compliance service organization that would be a –one stop– facility to meet the growing needs of the electronics industry and improve on the quality and timely services required to get products to the world market.

Atlas Compliance & Engineering was formed in 1997 to meet this need and is currently providing services for FCC and Industry Canada testing and certification along with pre-compliance testing and engineering. Services also include European Union testing for CE marking, Taiwan testing for BSMI, Korean testing for KCC and Australia/New Zealand testing for C-Tick marking. We are a member of VCCI in Japan and have approval of our sites for conducted and radiated emission testing. We are accredited through A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 and are a designated laboratory under international Mutual Recognition Arrangement’s. This enables our clients to get the approvals and their products to market in an expeditious manner.

Our staff has been in the regulatory compliance business for over 25 years and as Atlas Compliance & Engineering for more than 15 years. We are located in San Jose California and provide many services relating to regulatory compliance and engineering testing of products in development. We also offer on-site testing for very large equipment manufacturers.

Where we really differ from the other options available is in our customer focus, and our considerable engineering background. When you choose Atlas as your compliance partner you work directly with the principal owners, your project becomes our priority, and we personally handle your project through all aspects of EMC testing – from trouble shooting to final test. No techs training on your project, no canned responses of it didn’t pass, you are provided detailed information regarding all aspects of your projects performance throughout the testing phase.

We are very reasonable in our prices and we offer many benefits as an engineering focused laboratory. Scheduling is quick and we work with you to accommodate your needs. We are a service organization and as such we understand your need to have the process of regulatory compliance to be as smooth and quick as possible.

If you have projects needing compliance testing or just a preliminary scan, please consider Atlas Compliance & Engineering as a resource for you.

We are more than a test lab.

Of course we can perform the required testing and reporting for your products to meet the regulatory requirements. But what we really offer you is the engineering assistance, if needed, in finding the source of emission and susceptibility problems. Our lab is used by many just for this reason.

We work with you and are able to implement solutions to correct problems while at our lab. This speeds up the process for meeting your requirements and getting products into the market.

Atlas Compliance & Engineering is an Accredited Test Laboratory offering you Regulatory Compliance EMI testing, certifications, EMC testing, Insitu testing, Product Safety testing and engineering services.

We are dedicated to supporting you for your worldwide compliance needs.

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