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The steps taken to develop an EMC test plan begin with a basic analysis of what market places the product will be sold into and a definition of what the product is. Generally, the product can be defined from a sales brochure or product specification. A few other technical details will need to be stated such as frequency of clocks used in the product. This will determine the frequency range required to be tested.

For Europe, the EMC Directive encourages the use of harmonized product family standards for ensuring the essential requirements of the EMCD are met. These product family standards will state the technical testing requirements that need to be performed, including emissions and immunity.

Korea also requires emissions and immunity testing and is basing the test requirements on IEC test standards equivalent to Europe but at the mains voltage used in Korea.

For Japan, Taiwan, Australia / New Zealand, and Canada, the requirements are similar to the US.

With the product and the test standards defined the test plan can be created. The test plan will be used to generate the EMC quote for services.

The test configurations will need to be identified so that the worst case emissions are measured. The product will need to have ports loaded, operating in a condition that produces worst case conditions. The configuration for immunity testing will also need to be identified which places the product in the most susceptible condition to the phenomena being presented to the product. Always insuring that the configuration is within what is typical and could be expected in normal use.

Operating instructions and support equipment needed to place the product in this condition will need to be provided.

For testing immunity we will need to know how to measure or identify any interruption or degradation caused by the interfering phenomena. An acceptable degradation of performance can be stated by the manufacturer but must be included in documentation to the end user.

Items needed to begin a quote:

  • Countries where the product will be placed
  • Description of product:
  • user I/O ports, power requirements, clock frequencies, special facilities requirements, and sales brochure or product specification. Photographs of the product are also helpful to identify size and configuration for testing.
  • Operating instructions and support equipment required
  • Performance criteria for evaluating immunity tests

After submission of this form we will send a document for specific information about your product and the test requirements for the markets selected.

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