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The ability of Atlas to deal with EMI/EMC issues in a 'real world' manner with sensitivity to design costs, ease of implementation, and insight towards future design improvements makes them an extremely valuable resource!

John W.

We appreciate the following qualities: Accessibility to EMI chamber on short notice, repeat ability of EMI readings, overall value, helpful advice for test control, easy communications, helpful and professional attitude by everyone we have dealt with. We could wish we were located closer to the test facility and that the numerical data were directly available in spreadsheet format. We understand that our needs are a little out of the ordinary, but you asked?

Rich W.

From initial quotes to final test to report filing, our experience with Atlas has been excellent. Thank you to everyone there for helping us with our compliance needs.

Kan A.

I have had only the best experiences at Atlas. I much prefer to work at Atlas versus any other lab; since the time I spend at Atlas is very productive as compared to other labs. Atlas is very knowledgeable and has helped our company solve many EMI related issues that threatened to push out production dates. I begin testing at Atlas as soon as possible in the product design cycle; since their EMI data and EMI knowledge can help me resolve issues early on, when it is still possible to make layout/schematic/mechanical changes.

Ash R.

I have used the services of Atlas Compliance for a number of different projects and customers. Both Bruce and Mario were extremely helpful and professional. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of EMI issues/solutions has allowed us to complete our design within the schedule and budget. Also we have had a much easier time managing our overseas Vendors, because we were able to quickly verify the data locally at Atlas Compliance. I will highly recommend Atlas Compliance as "the" Lab for regulatory testing and design verification.

Dmitry G.

The most significant difference I have noticed between Atlas and the other bay area labs is that your staff is quick to offer technical assistance and troubleshooting advice when issues arise during testing. Other labs sometimes tend to be a bit more reluctant to get involved, preferring to simply operate the equipment and leave the problem solving solely to the customer. There is always the question of whether they do this at least partly to prolong the test time, which can be very annoying. Your active participation in the process is a huge plus and is the primary reason we use your services instead of other labs

Dave P.

The staff at Atlas Compliance is professional and knowledgeable. Their expertise and experience help us navigate and understand regulatory issues within the United States and abroad. They understand the design process and provide us with the flexibility we need to be able to complete our compliance testing and meet challenging development schedules. I highly recommend Atlas Compliance.

David Z.

We are dedicated to supporting you for your worldwide compliance needs.

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