Prescan Emissions Testing

The anechoic chamber is used to perform engineering quick scans for pre-compliance emissions testing. The chamber is also used for final measurements above 1 GHz.

Anechoic Chamber Pre-Compliance Emissions Testing3 Meter Compact Anechoic chamber.

Preliminary testing may be performed in an anechoic chamber to identify all frequencies produced by the test system. Due to the anomalies of the chamber, which can lead to errors in amplitude measurements, all final measurements are performed on the open area test site (OATS) up to 1GHz. The chamber can be used for final measurements between 1GHz and 6GHz.

Initial testing shall identify the frequency that has the highest disturbance relative to the limit while operating the EUT in typical modes of operation and cable positions in a test set-up which is representative of typical system configurations. The identification of the frequency of highest disturbance with respect to the limit shall be found by investigating disturbances at a number of significant frequencies, to give confidence that the probable frequency of maximum disturbance has been found and that the associated cable, EUT configurations and mode of operation has been identified.

We start with a quick scan in the anechoic chamber to identify any possible emission problem before final testing at the open area test site. We can quickly identify the source of any emission that is close to or over the specified limit. The Chamber is equipped with rework tools and components to implement solutions to correct the problem. We can then immediately re-scan the product to verify compliance. Our clients also use this service for design verification before final layout of their products in development.

Quick Scan facility located in San Jose CA, ±4dB correlated to Open Area Test Site.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly identify emission problem sources.
  • Implement cost effective solutions on site, rework tools available.
  • Quickly re-scan to observe results.

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